Our Services

Literia Insight provides a wide range of services under its wing which helps the authors to realize their true potential along with assisting them in maximizing their outreach.


Media Promotion

Media has always been the best possible way to spread voices regarding your work. And especially we are blessed with the virtue of writing a literary masterpiece, media always acts as a catalyst in spreading our work.We at Literia Insight assist you to publish your Book Reviews, Columns, Featured Articles, Book Listing, Interviews in various media houses which includes Digital, Print & Electronic platforms. We also assist you in getting your book inducted in Hot Releases, Fresh Arrivals and such other sales boosters. We assist you and your literary masterpiece to reach the maximum audience with the help of our wide network of media houses of national and international repute.

Publishing Assistance

We assist you in finding the best Publisher for your manuscript. Our vast network of National and International Publishers help you to find the best destination for your creative pursuit.



A review is always a reality check of our literary journey. Our expert reviewers not just review your book but also give you a thorough and detailed feedback on your brainchild. We also assist you in getting that review published in media houses.

Editing & Assessment

A manuscript is never considered complete unless it passes through the expert eyes of an editor. The Editor just not gives you a fair assessment of your manuscript but also assists you in polishing the manuscript to the best possible form. We at Literia Insight not just assess your manuscript but also edit your manuscript.

The assessment at Literia Insight includes a detailed evaluation of the manuscript for plot and pacing, character development, language and phrasing, marketability and the overall strength apart from experts’ advice to make your manuscript much better.

Editing at Literia Insight includes detailed edit of the manuscript with changes tracked, giving authors the liberty to either accept or reject it. The manuscript is edited for language, phrasing and grammar, pruned for length and repetitiveness, and the plot, character development and narrative, creativity assessment apart from experts’ advice to make your manuscript much better.


Book Launch

 A Book Launch is always a very special moment for an author. We firmly believe that every author has the right to cherish that moment. We at Literia Insight help you to get your Book Launch in various cities of the country which includes the metro cities in particular. Apart from that we help you to have your book launched in premium colleges apart from premium bookstores like Crossword, Oxford, Landmark, Sapna Book House along with others.

Speaking Engagements

Who does not dream of talking about his book in front of a jam-packed auditorium? We at Literia Insight help you to find the right mix of audience who are the true fans of literary masterpieces. We help you to provide speaking engagements to premium colleges like IITs, IIMs, NITs apart from various Private Universities and premium platforms.


Author's Sessions

Could there be a better sight than discussing your book with fellow authors? We at Literia Insight help you to interact with fellow authors through Authors’ Sessions, Book Signing, Round Table Conferences in various premium colleges and platforms.

Fests & Festivals

Fests are always the gala event where we dream of showcasing our brainchild. We at Literia Insight help you to attend various National and International literary fests and festivals. We also assist you in getting nominated for various Awards.


Digital Marketing

The world today has become a family and gone are the days when accessing readers throughout the world was just a fantasy. The world has become a global village and everyone loves to read excellent and exciting stories. We at Literia Insight help to narrow this distance further. We help you to provide a digital boost to your book by various digital tools which include enhancing Followers on Facebook, Instagram, Reviews on Amazon Goodreads, Virtual Book Tour, Giveaway and Digital Interviews, Wikipedia Page Creation, Website Creation which could bring you further close to your beloved readers.

Rights & Adaptation

Every author has a fantasy to find their story on screen. We at Literia Insight assist you sell the rights and adaptations of your book to publishers and various OTT platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime apart from Production Houses.